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 Surrounding Facilities  

1. Bank (China Construction Bank, Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank, Xiamen Bank, etc.)

2. School (Torch School, Leisure Second Primary School, Xiamen Third Middle School, etc.)

3. Shopping Mall (SM City Plaza, including restaurants, cinemas, large supermarkets)

4. Hospital (Xiamen Children's Hospital, Mawei Hospital, Eye Hospital)

The company is located in Xiamen Torch High-tech Zone, close to Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport, integrating enterprise headquarters, R&D center, advanced manufacturing and modern service industry. It has become the highest-output park in the high-tech zone, gathering well-known enterprises such as Motic.

  Surrounding Traffic Conditions  

1. Company Address:

 Motic Building, No. 2, Xinfeng 3rd Road, Huli Torch High-tech Industrial Zone, Huli, Xiamen, China

2. Bus Stop:

Bus stop: Malong Station, Malong Torch Park or Xinfeng 3rd Road Station;

Subway Station: Torch Park Station

3. Route Guidance:

A. Take bus No.27/33/133/651/941/942/951/954/996 to get off at Malong Station

B. Take bus No. 658/659/952/953/994 to get off at Malong Torch Park Station.

C. Take bus No. 94/97/108/307/11/843/848/137 to get off at Xinfeng 3rd Road Station.

D. Take Metro Line 1 and get off at Torch Park Station.

  Company Shuttle Line  

During normal commute time, there are five shuttle buses to and from the company in different directions.


  If the interview is qualified and notified, please apply and bring the following documents and materials to the door of our company to complete the registration procedure on time:  

1. The original and copy of the diploma, diploma, and English (computer) grade certificate;

2. the original and a copy of the ID card (A4 paper, need to copy the front and back of the ID card, Wufen);

3. The health/physical examination certificate provided by the regular hospital above the district level (except for the normal physical examination, including the chest and liver function), together with the test list;

4. The employees of this Municipality shall provide the unemployment certificate, the original and copy of the social security manual, and each employee shall provide the temporary residence permit and the original and copy of the examination certificate (female);

5. The employee and the original unit will release the relationship certificate/graduate to provide the “×× Employment Agreement”;

6. 4 photos of 1 inch dark clothes on the white background (refer to the standard of the second generation ID card);

7. A copy of the ICBC card that I opened in Xiamen (clear copy and signature);

8. pen and notebook.

  If you have any questions or suggestions about the above matters, please feel free to contact the Human Resources Department.  

Email: wangmh@iseexm.com;

Tel: 0592-5698 725

We firmly believe that the peak of a peak is the starting point of another peak. Today, with the combination of technology and talent, ISEE will work with you to create new glory!