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Formerly known as GELPAG GmbH, GELPAG Advanced Technology GmbH was established in Germany in 2003 and specializes in the development and manufacturing of power distribution equipment. The company has now grown to cover both Europe and Asia. We will help you with development, research and manufacturing of high performance energy technology solutions and power distribution equipment for the present and the future.Boasting the best of energy technology, we are born to reduce wastage and create eco-friendly practices.

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Nanjng GELPAG Electric Technology Co., Ltd is the cooperation partner of German GELPAG Electric Group Co., Ltd in china. We focus on automation, energy saving, environmental protection and other advanced technologies in field of power transmission and distribution. (click on the picture below to learn more)

Beijing GELPAG Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology and service consultancy company that is specialized in the energy industry. Beijing GELPAG aims to offer systematic solution and project service covering the entire chain. (click on the picture below to learn more)

Shenyang Motic Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (Shenyang Motic)was founded on 21st Jun, 2017. The company is a high-tech enterprise jointly established by Motic (Xiamen) Electric Group Co., Ltd  (stock code 300341) ,Xiamen Bizway Energy Technology Co., Ltd and Shenyang Information Industry Venture Capital Co., Ltd.  with a registered capital 100 million RMB. (click on the picture below to learn more)